This year Doctor Zwier is celebrating 30 years with a number of his patients!

Hear what they have to say – if anyone would know how good Doctor Zwier is as a dentist – it would be them!


    Jeanne and Clarence Vos
  • I was scared and had bad experiences with dentists before I came to Dr Zwier. He is so gentle and caring. I’ve improved my home care and can see and feel how much better my whole mouth feels. I was told to floss so everywhere I go – I floss – New Orleans, Indiana, Alabama, it doesn’t stop me even if I’m not home.

    Wow! Definitely a very calm feeling, comfortable, at ease – no nerves. [Before] I was a wreck, I was like “ouch!”

    I can’t thank Bill enough for referring me. I’m so glad I came!

    Emma Ryan
  • When I arrived in Grand Rapids from Lynden, Washington, in the early 1940’s to attend Calvin College, I needed to find not only a place to live but also a church and reliable health care practitioners.  Early on I became acquainted with the family of Dr. Ralph and Evelyn Stob.  They were quick to recommend their family dentist as a quality caregiver.  So, on their advice, I made the first appointment with Dr. Arthur Ophoff, who practiced dentistry with his brother.

    A few years later I married John VandenBerg, who spent his entire career at Calvin College.  That allowed me to continue receiving dental attention from this practice.  When the Ophoff brothers retired, and Doctor Zwier took over, I stayed with the practice and continued to receive excellent dental care.

    You speak in terms of the “30 Year Club”.  I guess I’ll have to have a double membership because I have been in the Club for over sixty years! In fact, I’ve been in the club longer than Dr. Zwier has been alive!

    Thank you for your kind and competent services for 30 years.

    Marian – 30 Year Club (92 years old)

    Marian (92 years old) , 30 Year Club!
  • “Growing up as a child in southwest Grand Rapids, my first dentist was Dr. Broodman above the Jurgens and Holtvluwer store on Granville Ave. It was scary, too many cavities. My next dentist was Dr. Dekker on upper Grandville Ave above my Uncle Louis Pylman’s dry good store..

    This was before Novocain!

    I remember having to make a trip downstairs to the rest room before going in for a drilling. Ugh!!
    At age 20, my parents, Henry and Ada Ritsema, built a new home in Alger Heights. I began to see Dr Ophoff. This was good news!! The TLC of Dr. Earl was a big relief!Then Dr. Ophoff retired, Dr. Peter Zwiers took over the practice. We have been blessed with equally wonderful care.

    I am 85 years old and still have my own teeth!

    Thank you, Dr. Z for the past 30 years of comfort and good dentistry.”

    Hank – 30 Year Club

    Hank , 30 Year Club!
  • Our family has been coming to this office for eons. First with the Ophoff brothers. Then, this practiced was passed to Dr. Z. We have mostly been a fan! (I had one disagreement and left for a couple of  years but am back! The disagreement was about the type of fillings I wanted in my mouth…not the metal ones) Doc finally did give me the porcelain ones I preferred yet when one went in my mouth a day later it cracked – just like he said it might – so I ended up getting one with porcelain on top of a metal base (stronger!)

    A fond memory is one of me being a young married mom and having one of my babies laying right ontop my chest as Doc worked on my teeth. He didn’t mind and made me and the child feel very relaxed.

    I appreciated that so much!

    Deb – 30 Year Club

    Deb , 30 Year Club!
  • First of all, congratulations on achieving 30 years of service in a career that demands both physical and mental energy.  I  have enjoyed having you as my dentist.

    Let’s go back about 15 years–you invited several patients who you knew had a passion for golf, to an outing at Thornapple Point Golf Course.  What a great day! The weather was perfect and few of us knew each other.  It was a wonderful experience.  Eighteen holes of golf, lunch and prizes.  (A lot easier to tolerate than a root canal).

    Jim – 30 Year Club

    Jim , 30 Year Club!
  • Dr. Ophoff was my dentist until he announced that he was retiring, he said a young dentist just out of college will take over his practice. My first thought was “oh great. Do I start looking for a new dentist or give this guy a chance?”

    Well, after 30 years I’m still seeing him and I haven’t regretted it.  He’s a wonderful dentist, patient, kind. Thanks Dr. Zwier for the years of service. My teeth are happy too!!!’

    Norma – 30 Year Club

    Norma , 30 Year Club!
  • Has it been that long!!!

    Wow. Doctor Zwier has been an excellent Dentist and goes beyond just my teeth and diagnosing another mouth problem and then calling me about it and sending literature. The people at his office are always nice — I would highly recommend him and have before.

    Claudette , 30 Year Club!
  • The best Doctor Zwier story ever? It’s the legend of the nitrous oxide extravaganza. You know the tale! I don’t remember the date (or much else, either!), but you could probably find out by reviewing the usage records and looking for an outstanding spike.

    Happy Anniversary to us!

    Jim – 30 Year Club

    Jim , 30 Year Club!
  • I need to have a root canal job?”  A dreaded root canal!?  Yes, I had heard horror stories about having a root canal done.  But, when the doc says that’s what has to happen, that’s what you do.

    Well, let me tell you, I was numbed up but good.  Now, I’m not one who takes kindly to that numbing business, but I knew that I had no choice this time.  That went just fine.  I got fixed up with my earphones (no “earbuds” in those days yet) and some nice music and we were off to the races.  I got jarred to attention to comply with the occasional request or to answer a question (Really?  With all this in my mouth?) but I paid little attention as the doc did his thing.

    When all was said and done off I went in to work with my instructions.  Working where I did, there was mouthwash right on the shelf for me to buy.  I began the rinsing thing right away after popping a couple ibuprofen so I would be all fixed up when the lidocaine wore off.  I may have taken a couple more pills at bedtime, but other than rinsing a lot, that was the extent of my active part in the healing process.  On about day 4 a friend asked, “What are you taking for it?”  “Taking?”  “For the pain,” she said.  “Um, nothing.  I chew a bit carefully, but it’s fine.”  Seems she really had a tough time with hers once, and was no small amount incredulous at my tale of no pain pills after the first day.

    So either we conclude that I’m just a tough old bird who grins and bears it, or the doc did a terrific job using his God-given skills and ability with a wonderful result.  I’m goin’ with that second option.  Thanks, Dr. Z

    A grateful patient

    Susan – 30 Year Club

    Susan , 30 Year Club!
  • One day I was hurrying and missed a step in my garage. Down I went hitting my front tooth on the step, breaking part of it off. Of course, it was a Saturday. Because it was a front tooth I was very worried. I called Dr. Zwier’s home and his son answered. He said his dad was out with his sister teaching her how to drive so he would have to call me back.

    Later I got a return call and a visit was made to check out the tooth. Eventually a cap was made so I could smile again.

    Gladys – 30 Year Club

    Gladys , 30 Year Club!
  • I had been a patient of Dr. Ophoff since I was a child. I had a gap between my two front teeth.I never thought about it as a child, but as I became older I realized everyone did not have this gap in their teeth.

    When Dr. Zwier took over the practice, his hygienist and he suggested that I have a frenectomy preformed by an oral surgeon and then Dr. Zwier would use orthodontic rubber bands to pull my two front teeth together. I had the frenectomy done and used the orthodontic rubber bands and for the first time in my life I had a normal smile. Just that simple procedure changed how I looked and how I felt about myself.

    I have always been very thankful for Dr. Zwiers suggestion. It was a simple solution that impacted my life in a positive way!

    Thank you Dr. Zwier for your years of dental care.

    .Laura – 30 Year Club

    Laura , 30 Year Club!
  • I would like to congratulate Doctor Zwier on 30 years of very professional and excellent dental care. This means at least two things; I don’t have any outstanding stories to tell because my teeth are healthy and happy, and that I must be getting old, because I am one of the ones that remember the Ophoff brothers.

    Thank you very much for the great care and understanding over the years. And, keep up the good work!

    Marc – 30 Year Club

    Marc , 30 Year Club!
  • Dr. Z and Me
    Happy to meet you, Kristin Bergh.
     I’m Doctor Peter Zwier.
     Open wide! Let’s have a look!
     Wow! Can I have FUN in here!
     Look at all these funny teeth.
     But once I get inside
     I’ll fill ‘em, file ‘em . . . never fear
     We’ve got Nitrous Oxide.
    Let’s do a root canal!
     Ya’ wanna have a blast?
     I know that pain is not your thing, so
     Don’t worry. We got GAS!!!
    Let’s pull this tooth and cap this one.
     Clean ‘em, floss ‘em, bless ‘em.
     Stick with me kid and I vow
     At 90 you’ll still HAVE ‘em.
    Dr. Pete, I can’t believe
     That all this time has passed!
     THANK YOU for your tender care,
     Your expertise, the GAS!!

    Kristin – 30 Year Club


    Kristin , 30 Year Club!
  • Our family has been coming a LONG time to Dr. Zwier.  Evie started in 1959 with Dr. Ophoff and John was added in 1960.  Since then our two girls and now Marsha’s two girls are clients of Dr. Zwier.  Sheila had to leave your practice since she moved to Muskegon.  Dr. Zwier took over with us when Dr. Ophoff retired.I think the most interesting story I have to tell is one I’ve told Dr. Zwier many times and thanked him and thanked him for discovering our daughter, Marsha’s tongue cancer in 1999.  He saw her immediately when I called and then called a fellow dentist who specialized in oral cancer and arranged for him to see us immediately.  Thanks to him and our precious Lord, she has had many biopsies but all have been benign.

    We feel like family and Doctor Zwier has been so patient with us in paying  for his services since we had used up all of our insurance.  Thank you, and God bless you and yours.  Here’s to many more years of service, especially with the Koteskey family.

    We love you!!!

    John and Evie – 30 Year Club


    John and Evie , 30 Year Club!
  • I was excited about getting the porcelain crown. But, as Dr. Zwier picked it up from the tray the crown fell out of his hand. He pushed back and looked around the floor for it. I sat up in the dental chair and did the same. The assistant and other staff members got on hands and knees hoping to find it. Had the crown bounced into an adjacent room or maybe the hallway? Eventually Dr. Zwier called off the search and announced he would have to order a new one. I left the office disappointed.

    Two weeks later as he was positioning the replacement crown in my mouth Dr. Zwier mentioned that he found the original crown the same day it was lost! When he had gotten home that evening and was changing his pants, the porcelain crown rolled out from one of his cuffs!

    Judy – 30 Year Club

    judy , 30 Year Club!
  • It is hard to fathom that I started with Art Ophoff almost 60 years ago. In all those years I never had any Dr, Dr. Z excluded, who said anything controversial to me. But one day while at the good Dr’s office he became frustrated with a favorite aperture with which Dr Ophoff had fitted me.

    He called it “a piece of junk” having had time to think about his outburst he called me later to apologize.
    Some time after that Dr. Z made me a new one. Upon receiving it I found a small casket shaped box, returned the old partial to the dental op oratory with an inscription that said: “Here lies this old piece of junk—it did what it could.”  Dr Z gave it a proper viewing, as evidenced by the fact he still had it on the practice’s 25th.  I assume after that he gave it a proper Christian burial.

    John – 30 Year Club

    John , 30 Year Club!
  • I’d refer my friends because I know they would love everything about the care they’ll receive.

    And my favorite thing about Doctor Zwier is that he and his practice are timely, personal, and efficient. I never feel pressure regarding any procedures. Doctor Zwier and staff are willing to take a “wait and see” attitude with some issues rather than jump to a procedure.

    Everyone is friendly and accommodating and listens. I have never had any problems with care in over 30 years.”

    Cheryl – 30 Year Club

  • My wife and I directed a family of new patients to Dr. Zwier. He was genuinely grateful and showed it with a generous benefit.

    But at least one of the kids was extremely afraid of dental work. It took nearly the total staff to hold him down and calm him down. We suspect the whole office complex was affected by the commotion.

    Given the Zwier office scoring system, we’ve wondered if we got more credits or demerits for that referral.

    Wayne – 30 Year Club

    Wayne , 30 Year Club!

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